Robert Portofolio

Agile Coach

Hello, I'm Robert!

Hello🙋‍♂️I'm Robert, a freelance consultant and architect specializing in:

  • Digital Strategy
  • User Experience Design and Strategy, especially in e-Commerce, using Design Sprints or Design Thinking
  • React-based applications (web and native) including using Redux, Reselect and other libraries
  • Accessibility (WCAG and BITV) and internationalisation (i18n)
  • Web applications and development in general, especially in migrating from legacy technologies (e.g. Dojo, jQuery, Backbone, AngularJS) either as reimplementation projects or as ongoing refactorings
  • APIs regardless of flavor, REST / JSON API / HAL / JSON-LD, GraphQL or RPC
  • Full-stack development in Javascript (Node.js) or with mixed languages (Ruby, Python, Kotlin, Java)

If you are interested in these topics or if you'd like to request me for your project contact me using the links above.

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Relaunch Hermitage Museum

Development of a new and responsive web site for the hermitage museum


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